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About Us

Battle & Brew is Atlanta’s first Game Bar. Opened in 2005, Battle & Brew had a very modest menu, a few beer taps, and focused heavily on gaming. Now we have grown to encompass so much more. We pioneered Geek Trivia in Atlanta, and remain the hardest trivia in town. We have upgraded the menu from only a few items to all your bar favorites and some soon-to-be favorites. We’ve expanded the gaming and keep everything top of the line. We’ve taken our great place and made it your great place. A place where the staff listens to your desires and suggestions. A place where you and your friends feel like you’re at home. A place where everyone knows your game™.

NateNate Sanders

General Manager


IGN: Monkeybomber

I have been in the hospitality industry for over a decade, in that time I’ve had just about every job you can imagine.  A few of my jobs were fine dining, casual corporate dining, corporate trainer, cheesemonger, and barkeep.  I even worked at my mom’s little café.  I’ve studied for the cicerone which is a certification program for beer professionals.  I was born to an aspiring chef and have been into food since a very young age.  I’ve always wanted to use my experience to make something unique, and with Battle & Brew I’ve done just that.  When I’m not slinging craft beverages, or discussing new food concepts, I am a professional musician having played drums my whole life.  I first got into video games on the original Nintendo. I prefer PC gaming but will play just about anything.

PatrickPatrick Corhan

Service Manager


IGN: Trixle5k

I have been in the bar industry for over ten years, and worked in everything from high volume music venues to fine dining cocktail bars, I knew early on that serving people was my passion. I’m also big on cocktails, whiskey especially. I am a big fan of tandem bike rides, and long walks on the beach. My gaming favorites include SMITE, and any first-person shooters. If you want to join me in-game, my handle is Trixle5k.

JohnJohn Urtnowski

Gaming Manager


IGN: Phated

I’m John and I’ve been working at Battle & Brew over 5 years now. I picked up the gaming department for Battle & Brew and have been lucky enough to be involved from the “closet-sized-kitchen” days to now, helping open our brand new location. I’ve been gaming since the days of Doom and Duke Nukem over 56k and play a little bit of everything



Battle & Brew has a sister company, GASM Media. You can check out their website, Facebook, Twitter, and of course Youtube for more information on them! If you like us, then you should give them a follow. <3