Never Be Conflicted Again!

The three most important times of the day is breakfast, lunch, and dinner. There are healthy eaters, convenience eaters, and THE eaters. You know, the one that eats everything! Regardless of what we like to eat, the one question will always remain... "What should I eat?" This is even more of a hassle when you are eating out. It feels like you glance at the long, sectioned, and detailed menu for hours. Everything sounds so so so good! What are you going to do?!

Don't worry! Battle & Brew completely understands your dilemma. Therefore, we created a quiz for you! The quiz is short, and consist of quick questions and absolutely delicious choices. We dare you to order the result that is given.

Not only have we reduce your stress, but it will be the talk of the table! Remember to take the quiz every time you come in and bring your friends! You won't be sorry.

Comment what your results were and what you actually ordered!