Dear Santa, Best Gifts for Geeks

Dear Santa,

Remember when you were a child and Christmas was right around the corner? You would rush to grab a pencil and paper and try to write all of the presents you want to get. It never mattered whether you were naughty or nice all year as long as you were nice a month before. You seal the letter and gave it a kiss. You would bug your parents to send it right away. It probably never left the house, but somehow that jolly old man knew exactly what you wanted. So why don’t you still do that? Too grown up now? Nahh. 2018 has some pretty awesome stuff to add to your list!

Star Wars R2 - D2 Coffee Press ($20.99)

This is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a coffee presser. You add the coffee grounds into the machine and pour hot water into it. Let it stand for about 30 minutes. The top of the coffee presser is what presses all of the coffee ground to the bottom on the machine. Once all of the grounds are at the bottom, pour your delicious coffee into your Darth Vader mug! The product holds up to 32 oz of goodness and weighs about 1 ½ lbs. The BPA-Free plastic housing, glass body, and food grade stainless steel filter assembly makes this a top-notch gift. Just make sure to handwash and to not microwave it! Don’t want to ruin this beauty.

"I Drink & I Know Things" Wooden Beer Mug ($29.99)

Just take a moment at the picture. How could you not want this as a gift. Even if you have never watched Game of Thrones a day in your life, you would have to admit that the mug is perfect. It's perfect for all of the beer lovers, coffee lovers, and even tea lovers. Yes. A mug you can put literally anything in. Mind-blowing isn’t it? This magical invention holds 23 oz of liquid and weighs 1.1 lbs. Get them before they run out!

Pokemon Poke Ball Waffle Maker ($34.99)

Waffle or pancakes? For years, we have watched these pancake lovers create dinosaurs and princesses out of pancake mix and exceeded to culinary school. What do we waffle lovers have? Just crunchy waffles. That is not good enough anymore! We demand more! Well, the time has come. The Pokemon waffles have arrived. Such a revolutionary creation.

Game Boy Coffee Canister ($34.99)

Ohh remember the good ole days? There were no Playstations or Xbox. Classic Game Boy was where it was at! This might look like a Cube at the bottom of your dad’s dusty box in the garage, but it's not what it seems. Yes, this one holds coffee too! If you weren’t impressed by the coffee maker or holders above, why not take it back to the early 90s.

Storybook Cosmetics Wizardry Palette ($49.99)

Makeup palettes are what I live for. I can stand in Sephora for two hours and just swatch everything. Urban Decay, MAC, Lorac are all great and common brands. The texture is perfect and the pigment is excellent. The only problem now is that everyone has so many palettes that they only want to buy the most unique ones. What is more unique than a themed Wizardry Story Book. With the dark colors incorporated in the palette, this is great for the fall and winter seasons. Christmas season!

Red Dead Redemption 2 ($59.99)

At a rated score of 97, this is one of the hottest game for 2018. Rob, steal, and fight your way to the heartland of America to survive. However, with the reviews from most of the gamers they are in no rush to finish the missions. Going hunting, starting fights in a bar, and probably helping a damsel in distress is a little more fun. They have been saying it has been worth the wait! So why are you still waiting? Get to the store! The Red Light Levitating Bluetooth Speaker ($149.95) From Alexa to Siri, the bluetooth speaker is probably in everyone’s homes by now. Why manually turn on music when you can tell your speaker to do it for you? Might sounds great now, but when you have to constantly call Alexa and Siri’s name because they didn’t understand you it gets annoying. So what’s next? A levitating speaker. Yes, it floats in mid air. Yes, it’s dope. Get one. (drop mic)

AZIO Retro Classic BT Keyboard ($219.99)

This keyboard reminds me of a typewriter. The look of the past, present, and future put into one keyboard. The company has outdone themselves this time. It looks fabulous! I don’t even want to touch it. The keyboard has the backlit function with rounded keycaps and a wooden surface. The price is steep but with a quality brand and the additional aesthetic of this keyboard it's a no brainer.

Nintendo Switch ($299.99)

What is a better activity to share a laugh with your friends then video games? Mario kart, anyone? My friends are so competitive that we can stay up till morning until someone is the clear winner. Nintendo took it a step further and created the Nintendo Switch. A system that can be played at home on the TV or On the go! You will be hooked after one use! If you don’t feel like splurging this year, you should definitely come by Battle & Brew to play the Nintendo Switch at one of our stations!


Steel series Arctis Pro Wireless DTS Headphone ($329.99)

This headphone is lightweight, wireless, and has such clear sound quality that they claim it will not miss a note. The battery life last up to 20 hours and the wireless range to 40 feet! The headphone even has a microphone built-in! Customers have been raving about the product since it came out. They are incredibly impressed with the features and noise cancellation. You can’t hear anything besides the video game! Plus, the manufacturer gives you a year warranty.