Will Mobile Gaming Be The Future?


Since mobile gaming started, it has caught on and changed very fast. Intrigued by the new platform, the younger generation have integrated mobile gaming into the way they experience games. What will the gaming industry do in the near future? Will new games be only accessible on cell phones or is this just a fad? Studies have shown that millenials rate conveniences as one of their top priorities. However, if this platform wants to stick, they must maintain the same quality you can get from a PC or console.

In my opinion, I am not sure it is possible for mobile gaming can compete with PC gaming. I, myself, have been playing video games on a PC since I was two. The wide screen and comfortable chair enhances the overall experience of the game. My favorite PC games are Fortnite and The Sims. These games can definitely be turned into a mobile game, however you would never get the same effect as if you would play it on the PC. For example, the controls. There are many controls you would use on a keyboard. Imagine how you would use all those “actions” on a cell phone. I just find it a little difficult to accept that mobile gaming is catching up to PC gaming.

The PC gaming industry is moving ahead at lighting speed with their technology mainly shifting to a much higher resolution. There are now PCs with very powerful central processing units (CPUs) and more power as high as 32 gigabytes of DDR4 RAMs. Obviously, this makes the PC category superior to the mobile gaming industry. However, I do have to admit that smartphones are ahead of their time and are now more advanced with so many different features. It is hard to find anyone between the age of 18 and 50 without a cell phone. We have the phone next to us wherever we go. The cell phone has become a need for humans instead of a want. We have become reliant on the technology. The technology with mobile phones has bigger with better resolution and graphics. However, cell phone industries do not focus on the capabilities of playing advanced games on the device. This will potentially limit the types of games that can be played on certain mobile devices.


In terms of cost, mobile games are cheaper than games on a PC platform. The PC gaming industry has taken a major hit when mobile gaming was invented. More millenials are finding cheaper alternatives to gaming. It is recommended that they decrease the cost of the games or increase the benefits of playing the game on a console or PC. If they decide to not make any changes, they will reap the lost when mobile gaming surpasses them in the industry.

While I am a little curious on how mobile gaming will develop, games like Pokémon GO was a great invention. I know a lot of friends that would game in their rooms 24/7. They might get up to order food or use the bathroom. You will always find them in their room. Once the game was released, all of us downloaded the game and hopped into the car. The game made it feel so real. I loved the excitement of finding a pokemon randomly in a park. Not to mention, Pokemon Go increased the percentage of people exercising everyday.

Overall, the whole notion of mobile gaming competing on the same or similar level with PC gaming is still some distance in the future. On the other hand, technology does move rapidly. There are already those who prefer the mobile platform for their own personal reasons, but for sure when it comes to performance, I believe the PC has a better ranking in quality and ease of use.