The College Kid Bucket List

College Bucket List Have you ever met someone and think “wow, they seem like their living the dream”? Those people that always have some type of cool story to tell about their past experiences? Chances are “those type of people” have bucket lists. A bucket list is a list of things people want to do or try before they leave earth. Some common ideas are skydiving, bungee jumping, climbing the highest mountain, or traveling to every continent. The choices listed are considered a long-term bucket list. A list that a person wants to accomplish over the years. However, you should have short-term bucket lists? List of things that maybe only 21 years old should be doing. But let’s be real. 21 years old don’t have that much money to splurge every Friday night. That is why I created a short-term bucket list for you!

  • Short-term Bucket List: Things to do at a bar
  • Wear a onesie to the bar
  • Sing a song in the middle of a bar
  • Order a drink for some random person and watch their reaction
  • Create the weirdest meal
  • Make your own signature drink
  • Randomly try to sit close to one person for at least 2 minutes
  • Give a show stopping toast in front of everyone
  • Challenge a random person to a game.
  • Choregraph new dance moves every time someone orders a drink
  • Dress up in the most bizarre outfit