5 Not So Basic Games

We all know those couples that love game nights. They usually have Monopoly, Uno, and Risk laying around the house somewhere. It’s one of those iconic games that are usually brought up when you are bored on a Friday night and don’t want to spend hundreds at the Battery. The game could last hours on end, and is it really all that fun? Maybe, the first half of the game. It’s time to try something new. A game that you have never played before. A game that will keep you on your toes. What are those games you ask? I’ve got you covered. Sit back and be mind-blown.


Exploding Kittens

This is one of those games that might seem simple, but you truly need some strategic thinking to win. It’s like Russian Roulette with explosives and kittens. The main objective is to not a draw the “exploding kitten” card. If you do, you are out of the game unless you have a “defuse” card. All the other cards are there to keep you guessing. Which card will kill all your hopes and dreams? When will your beloved kitten die? Well, I have some good news. If you are lucky and draw a “see the future” card, you can see that next three cards in the center deck. Just make sure you have a plan when you see death coming your way.



This is another explosive game! Go figure. However, instead of trying to explode other players, everyone has to work as a team. There are 20+ bombs located on the ship. You and your teammates must defuse the bombs in 10 minutes or you are toast! The biggest challenge is that all of the bombs have different combinations you need to defuse it. Each player will start off with two bombs in front of them and five bombs in the middle. The first player will pull and roll as many dice as there are players. Each teammate must take a dice. Hopefully, a dice they need for their combination. If one player cannot use the dice on their card, they will need to roll again. Not for free! Everyone will lose a matching dice in their combination when that player needs to roll again. Don’t forget! You have 5 minutes left! Good luck.



No explosives here, but there are monsters. With every door you open, you might encounter a monster. You must defeat these monsters and reach level 10 before anyone else does to win. Each monster has their own strengths. You need to make sure that your strengths and weaponry is greater than the monster’s ability. You aren’t always lucky though. A player can reduce your power at any given time so that you will never reach level 10. Gear up and hope you don’t have to fight any monsters. Prey on the weaker players if you need to. Survival of the fittest, right?



Four diseases are planning to spread across the world. Some countries are already infected. You as a player must cure all four diseases to win. A player will lose if 8 or more outbreaks occur. Each player will have a role in the game. A role that gives you specific abilities to help other players out when everyone comes to a lost. An epidemic card is placed in each of the four piles. Try to avoid being the person that pulls this card. There are different cards you can use to travel, develop infrastructure, and curing diseases. Question is, who will be the hero?


Rick and Morty Mr. Meeseeks Box 'o Fun Game of Dice and Dares

Finally, the best game ever invented. A cross between truth or dare and probability. You begin with a “request” card. The card will require you to complete a challenge that only pure luck can give you. One card might need you to roll 6 dices with the number 2 on all of them. Pretty impossible! This is where Mr. Meeseeks comes to the rescue. He will help you finish the request but not without a DARE. Dares that only outspoken, risk-taking, daredevils will complete heads on. I’m just joking. It will get the crowd laughing. Earn your points and carry on. Honestly, this game so remarkable who cares who wins.