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RPG Night!

If you DM a game we will grant you a complimentary drink of your choosing(Up to $10)! Check with the manager on duty when you get in so we can track your games. Bring your modules! Make stuff up! We'll have nametags and gold stars to put on them up at the front desk and we'll be working to pair players with DM's. Whether you're new to the games or an industry veteran, we want you to have a great time.

ANY PEN AND PAPER RPG IS FINE AS LONG AS YOU HAVE A DM AND A PARTY TO PLAY. Shadowrun Pathfinder DnD L5R Whatever you want to play is fine. We only have DnD books here at the bar so if you want to play something else you need to provide your own materials.

DM's, GM's, EPMD-M's WE. WANT. YOU. Come out to Battle & Brew's Third and most EGREGIOUS ever Tabletop RPG Meetup, Murderfest, and Create-a-character-a-thon and help new and interested players learn about the games you love, learn how to DM, learn how to play and learn how to roll characters like a bugbear-fighting BOSS. We're asking for everyone that loves Table Top RPGs to come out on Sunday the 26th, hang out, and play a few games. Do some improv. Meet friends looking for games. This is LFG IRL. The party to look for a party. Rollin on nat 20s.

Earlier Event: November 22
Closed for Thanksgiving.
Later Event: December 2
Call For Art - Tribute to Toys Art Show