5920 Roswell Rd, Sandy Springs, GA, 30328  678-560-1500


When are you Open?

Restaurant & Bar Tuesday-Saturday 5p-2a, Sunday 5p-12a (with exceptions for events) Closed on Mondays. Be sure to check our News or Events page for any days we may be closed.

What are your Age Limits?

We are 18+ from 5pm to 11pm. After 11pm we are 21+ only. No one under 18 (including infants) is allowed at any time. There are no changing stations in our restrooms.

Can I Smoke?

No smoking of any sort (including e-cigs & vaping) is allowed indoors. We have a smoking patio you can take your beer out on.

Don’t be a Dick.

We know it isn’t really a question, but it needs to be said. In the words of Wil Wheaton, “Don’t be a Dick”- to our staff, your friends or other customers. If asked to leave, just leave. If someone is being a dick to you, tell one of our staff please.

Can I get your logo to use for my article/video/when I livestream at your place?

Yes! Take a look at our Press Kit and see if it has what you need. If not feel free to reach out to us at Marketing@battleandbrew.com

Can I just hang out without buying anything?

If you aren’t supporting the bar, we reserve the right to ask you to move or leave so that we can make space for someone who is. This applies at all times- during Geek Trivia, Events, etc.

Can I bring in Outside Food and Beverages?

Outside food & beverages are to remain outside. We have plenty of food & beverage options for you to choose from inside!

…but what about Birthday Cakes/Cupcakes?

We charge a $10 cutting fee for cakes/cupcakes. If you can, please let us know ahead of time that you’re bringing them in.

What model are your DX Racer Chairs?

They’re from the Formula Series. Most similar to this one.

What are your PC specs?

Z97 Motherboard
i7-4790K CPU
Samsung SSD 840 EVO 120G
Seagate Barracuda 2TB (ST2000DM)
16gb memory

All specs are subject to change as we upgrade.

I’m bringing 9+ of my closest friends to your bar! Should I give you a heads up?

Please call us at 678-560-1500 as far in advance as you can to let us know. Reservations for dining are always recommended. You can make reservations for your party of 8 or less on Open Table via the reservations link on the top right.

Can I rent the bar for my Party/Event/Meeting?

Yes! We have rooms you can rent, as well as the entire bar depending on your needs. Rates vary. Please contact Caitlin at Caitlin@battleandbrew.com and give us details of what you are looking to do, and we’ll get back to you with rates and options.

Have a question that we didn’t answer here? Feel free to reach out and contact us about it!

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