July Livestreams

What are we streaming and when in July? Well, we’re definitely streaming RedBull Battlegrounds SC2 matches on the 11th & 12th, and Dota2 The International on the 18th, 19th and 21st. All other streams are up in the air, but here is our calendar of the ones we’re aware of. If you want to watch a particular stream, please call us ahead of time and double-check that we will have it up. Most of the time we will be able to accommodate your requests! JulyStreams

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July Newsletter

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It seems that the image for our new location in this newsletter isn’t working. Check it out under the cut!

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Holy Cow Hearthstone! We’re now working with Blizzard for their Fireside Gathering events! What does this mean? well, a few things.

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June Streams

Want to know what we’re streaming and when? We have a loose schedule of streams, making sure to stream the important matches and esports available. If nothing important is on, we’ll stream Dream Cast Casino or other stream of our choosing. If there is a game you want to watch (esports or regular sports) let us know and we’ll put it up on one of our tv’s for you. If there’s a major eventĀ  you want to see streamed, send us an email at with the information and chances are we’ll make an event for it! Click the big red button for June’s stream *schedule.

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June Newsletter

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Another Challenger Triumphs!

We’ve had many try this month, but only one winner! Jeff completed our delicious food challenge, The Ultimate Final Level! Congrats Jeff!

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Growing Atlanta’s Geeks: Brian’s Interview

When Casey was making his wonderful video “Growing Atlanta’s Geeks” featuring Battle & Brew, he interviewed a number of people including many of our staff. He is now releasing all those interviews as individual videos. The first one to be released is the interview with our Chef, Brian! Check it out!

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Battle & Brew in the Press


We recently have been featured in a number of online articles. Here is a list of them- please read them and comment and share if you’d like!

Kotaku-Mike Fahey Mike Fahey


Roadtrippers- Darcy Strange

RoxieCards- Adam E

Big THANK YOU to all those website and people involved.

View links to past article about B&B here.


Battle & Brew on Kotaku

Thanks to Mike Fahey for writing this article about us on Kotaku. Go check it out!

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Battle & Brew: Growing Atlanta’s geeks

We want to say thank you to Casey for choosing us to film about and making this wonderful video.

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