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Battle & Brew Photo Hunt

Battle & Brew’s Dragon Con Photo Hunt

Want to win a 4 Day pass to Dragon Con 2018 for FREE? Then participate in our Photo Hunt! Take pictures of Cosplayers & Guests with our 4×6 Photo Card while at con this year, and submit your photos to us after for your chance to win! First place takes home a 4 day pass to next years con, Second place takes home a $100 gift card, and Third a $25 gift card. Great way to spend time during the day while waiting for the parties to start at night.

You can pick up our 4×6 card at Battle & Brew anytime before or during the con (That’s right- we’re open during con this year!) or at the Video Gaming room in America’s Mart Building one. (Hint- we sponsor the gaming track and help run their PC tourneys, a great way to find one of our staff at con is there!) We reccomend grabbing a few of them in case yours gets lost, damaged, or requested by a Cosplayer.

Be sure to print your PhotoHunt list, or copy it to your Drive to keep on hand

And don’t forget to read the RULES!¬†You wouldn’t want to spend all con taking pics to find out they don’t count.

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